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Above & Beyond The Competition.

Haidari Trading
is dedicated
to providing

high-quality fresh fruits and vegetables to its loyal and valued customers.

In 1963, the Haidari Family started operating in the fruits and vegetables sector as a sole proprietorship. In 1993 Haidari Trading took its first step in to the future by being registered as a formal business. From 1993 onwards Haidari Trading became a market leader in supplying fresh fruits and vegetables, mainly due to considering quality and service as a top priority.

Today, Haidari Trading is one of the leading supplies in Qatar. Throughout the past 20 years, Haidari Trading has been continuously expanding, through the help of Mr. Reza Haidari’s vison, and a team of highly dedicated, and qualified employees.

With the help of 50 years of experience, emphasis on quality, and exceptional customer service; we insure that every one of our clients are catered to, in the highest extent possible.

Our Team.

Teamwork is the helm of Haidari Trading’s success and the business is driven by 200 experienced staff members, committed to providing highest quality service that has ensured total client satisfaction for over 50 years.

All our staff attend regular training and our kept abreast of the latest developments within the realms of fruits and vegetable distribution, and adhere to a strict code of ethics in order that we can offer our customers the very best in quality and efficiency.


Commitment, modernization and faith are the pillars of Haidari Trading’s philosophy and management. Consequently, we are devoted to supplying our customers with the finest, high-quality fruits and vegetables and we stake our reputation on the excellence of the products we supply. We believe our devotion is a real point of difference and one which makes Haidari Trading stand out in the market and constantly strive for improvement.


Haidari Trading strives to continue being a market leader as a national and international provider of first class service, first class fruits and vegetables and customer satisfaction, which are paramount to our own sues as well as your success. Which such a commitment we envisage further expansion of Haidari Trading in the very near future..

 The Future 

Haidari Trading has master plan for the future.
It plans to expand into new and innovative ventures to satisfy customers for many more needs under one roof: Haidari Trading.

Bottled Fresh Orange Juice: To provide our customers with fresh bottled orange juice.

Peeled Vegetables: Due to high demand, we aim to deliver to our customer’s peeled vegetables.

The first peeled vegetable to be introduced in to Qatar will be garlic

Moving World: to continue to provide our customers with best practices we require updated knowledge and know-how. Therefore, we are participating in specialty organized trade fairs such as: Berlin Fair, World of Perishables (WOP), Asia Fruits Logistical Conference, SFT-World Fruit & Vegetable Conference in China, among many more.

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