Details of Infrastructure
and Logistics.

Efficient system for logistics and warehousing are implemented ensuring the protection and preservation of supplies from farm to our warehouse facilities, and to costumers location.

Haidari Trading has two fully air-conditioned warehouses; equipped with cold storage facilities and were designed to ensure maximum shelf life preservation of fruits and vegetables. Also, we have stores in central vegetable market where some of our products are displayed.

The products that are procured (locally and abroad) are received in our warehouses and undergo QUALITY inspection to make sure that products are according to Haidari’s stipulated standard and then storing it to our temperature controlled rooms.

The Quality of our products are inspected prior to delivery, we exert so much effort in preparing it. Piece by piece each item is checked for QUALITY before placing in clean plastic crates, then delivered through chiller vehicles to our valued customers.

We understand that the cold storage facility and chiller vehicles are paramount in maintaining the QUALITY and SAFETY of our products. To make sure that it is working 24/7, our maintenance team worked hard every single day ensuring the highest efficiency of our facilities.

Below you can find the details of our three storage facilities
SN Description Location Total Space Details
01 Dry Storage Central Vegetable Market 1035 M2 Total 9 stores
Industrial Area St. 36 1500 M2 Warehouse
02 Cold Storage
Central Vegetable Market 36 M2 Total 4 Walk-in Chillers
Industrial Area St. 36 1500 M2 Total 20 Walk-in Chillers in Warehouse
03 New Warehouse Industrial Area St. 36 3500 M2 Head Office/Warehouse

Details of transportation and delivery terms

Delivery can be made at any time the client request. Additional deliveries can also be made in case of urgent orders.

Please find below the list of vehicle in our fleet.

SN Description Type Capacity No’s
01 Trailers Refer 40 F 6
02 Semi-Trailers Chiller Truck 20 F 3
03 6 Ton Delivery Truck Chiller Truck 5
04 Delivery Truck Chiller Truck 2.5 – 4 T 50
05 Mini Truck (Small Space Receiving Area) Chiller Van 2
06 Staff Transport Bus 2
07 Garbage Disposal Vehicles 1
08 Garbage Tank 1
Total no of vehicles 70

Logistics Services.

Sourcing from around the world, Haidari Trading understands that its produce remains vulnerable throughout the distribution process. Therefore, we monitor the security of our products at every transfer point: while at sea, land or air, during discharge, in storage, and throughout the product’s ground voyage to its final destination. Our teams of specialists conduct inspection at every transfer point to ensure that food safety guidelines are being strictly adhered to.


our state-of the-art warehouse facilities are second to none.
In order to satisfy our clients.

Haidari Trading believes in only supplying natural fresh fruits & vegetables to our clients. To that end our state-of the-art warehouse facilities are second to none. In order to satisfy our clients’ requirements, we provide computer-regulated refrigeration space that house the very latest in technology and alternatively we provide enormous dry space units too. The hi-tech systems which we employ allow clients to regulate their allocated storage space from afar via a personal computer.

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