Quality Management System

Haidari Trading consider quality as the core value of the company. We believe that there’s no better strategy than providing products and services with high quality. Haidari Trading aligns its quality management system from International Standard ISO 9001 which our system is certified. We have highly trained and experienced supervisors who ensure that proper procedures were implemented throughout the process. Each and every fruit and vegetable are checked one-by-one by a team of staffs before placing it in clean basket crates and then loaded to temperature-controlled vehicles for delivery.

Food Safety Management System

It is the right of every individual to eat a food that is safe. We carry the moral and ethical responsibility in providing our customer with safe and wholesome products. Haidari Trading considers food safety as paramount to our success. Our procurement process follows a rigid process in selecting our suppliers. We only approved suppliers who can demonstrate their ability to provide wholesome and safe food. Haidari Trading pour out its resources to ensure that products that are procured are preserved and protected against any form of contamination or adulteration. In-line with our commitment to food safety, our processes and procedures were designed and certified in HACCP Codex Alimentarius and ISO 22000:2018 assuring that we conform to the highest international standard in providing and promoting safe foods.

Health, Safety and Environment

“There is no task that can’t be done safely.”

At Haidari Trading, we conduct hazard and risk assessment analysis in our processes and facilities. We ensure that lives are preserved and tasks are executed safely. Working environments were evaluated and safety measures are implemented. Proper Protective Equipment’s (PPE’s) were provided to each employee as per their safety needs. Posters and signage’s are visible to remind employees to work safely. Fire safety and prevention were maintained by our third-party contractor who conduct visits in regular interval. In addition, Qatar Civil Defense are inspecting the site regularly and evaluate the safety measures being implemented.

Our facilities and vehicles has regular preventive maintenance service conducted by our own maintenance team. This will ensure that all of our facilities and vehicles are working at its best condition reducing CO2 emission and wastages of energy.

We support the preservation of our environment. Haidari Trading ensures that our wastages do not disrupt nor destroys our environment. Proper segregations were conducted to our wastages and disposing it in accordance with the government norms and regulations.